Skull Demolition
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7,777 Unique

Skull demolition Society is a collection of 7,777 unique skulls who unite together Ethereum Blockchain.

Each skull is unique, based on hundreds of well-designed elements characterize a bullish crypto enthusiast.

Entering The Skull Demolition means joining a family full of people who believe in the future Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.

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Here is what we have planned for this project.


Community building: We want to build a strong community before launch, so we will try to build our own with multiple social media.


Get ready for presale / Public Currency - Release Skulls into the Etherum blockchain to create demolition and mayhem.


Once the Skulls are released: We will after the launch create our own Coin Shull to reward our best holders.


Future: We want to facilitate the visibility and hearing of incredible projects. We will decide what criteria to take into account in the future, but we will fund several other NFT projects to grow the Shull demolition community together and create real added value!


As we progress, new phases will be added to our roadmap based on decisions made by our community and holders!

The Team

Here is the team that is managing this project with the Artist. Yap. Don't worry, we also have 15 team members taiing care of our Social medias,discord,marketing and more.

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Richard S.

The Developer

team Image
Polux P.

NFT Marketer

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Carla V.

The Developer

team Image
Vanessa P.


Artist Image

Won up to $28,000

✅ 1'000 skull sold 1'000 usdt to 1 skull chosen among the first 1000 holders
✅ 2'000 = 2'000 usdt 1 Skull N° 1'000 and 2'000
✅ 3'000 = 3'000 usdt 1 Skull N° 2'001 and 3'000
✅ 4'000 = 4'000 usdt 1 Skull N° 3'001 and 4'000
✅ 5,000= 5,000 usdt 1 Skull N° 4001 and 5,000
✅ 6'000 = 6'000 usdt 1 Skull N° 5'001 and 6'000
✅ 7'000 = 7'000 usdt 1 Skull N° from 6'001

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